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Paint My Car at Home

Paint My Car At Home

See all the car painting steps from how to repair a body panel to prepare the surface and to paint a damaged.
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rid of it scrape it off scraped off the old bondo. we basically wipe this area with thinner it's clean for a new skim.
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you just use it for maybe one paint job and then. you throw it out. but you know for what I'm doing you know.
How to paint a car yourself on your driveway at home outside Not a productive weekend. Spent all day.
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Someone had painted it with what I believe to be house paint. No bueno 🙁 I. I wanted to do a 2-tone paint job, so my time investment was doubled. Apologies .
I have seen plenty of people paint their car at home with a foam roller brush, with good results. BUT, it takes a lot of sanding work to get it right. I have also seen .

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